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Current Pastor
Pastor K P Samuel

Pastor K P Samuel was born as a Christian in a small village named Kulathupuzha in Kollam of Kerala state, India. His parents were devoted Christians and they ensured that all their four children were taught God’s word and encouraged their children to get involved in the ministries of the local church. Pastor Samuel accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Saviour at the age of nine in a Sunday school class. He took water baptism at the age of ten, and the Lord anointed him with the power of Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking in tongues. As a believer, he was very active in his local church. When Pastor Samuel was eleven years old, he became critically ill and went into coma for two weeks but God miraculously saved him from death because of the prayers of his mother and other saints. During this time, Pastor Samuel’s mother dedicated him for full-time ministry. When he finished high school at the age of 16, he accepted divine call for the ministry of Jesus Christ. As a result, Pastor Samuel left his home in 1979 and travelled to Northern parts of India. He started personal path of training in Christian leadership under the supervision and mentorship of great Pentecostal leaders and senior ministers. He holds multiple degrees – Bachelor of Theology, Master of Arts and Master of Divinity but he truly believes that sitting in the presence of God and earning knowledge from God’s Word directly is the best source of God’s revelation that a disciple can attain in our life.

Pastor Samuel has been working hard in our Lord’s harvest field for the last forty-five years, serving Him in various capacities. His role as an Evangelist, as a Pastor in various churches in India and foreign countries, as a Principal of Bible Seminary, as a Lecturer in various Bible colleges in India and as a Missionary preacher around the world has produced many souls for the kingdom of God. Pastor Samuel is an effective communicator of God’s Word, and is known for his practical teaching style, which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their everyday lives. He enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God with power and simplicity at every opportunity that avails without compromise. Our Lord gave a purely divine mission to Pastor K P Samuel in June 2019 to lead this Church, and under the leadership of the Servant of God, NCPC Calgary is moving forward on the steps of spiritual progress.

Pastor Samuel married Sosamma (Grace) in 1988 and God blessed them with two wonderful children. Their daughter, Gifty Samuel, completed her Masters in Nursing. Gifty is married to Abinson and settled in Hyderabad, India. Their son, Feby Samuel, completed his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Feby is married to Abigail and they are settled in Ireland.

Pastor Joshua Joseph

Pastor Joshua Joseph holds the title to be the first pastor of NCPC Calgary. The Servant of the Lord, late Pastor Joshua, who rests in eternity today, led the Church from March 2015 to April 2019 amid numerous obstacles and hurdles with unceasing prayer along with his wife, Kunjumol Joshua. The entire family of NCPC Calgary extended their full support to build this Church spiritually at the initial stage. During their tenure with NCPC Calgary, Pastor Joshua and Kunjumol aunty have faithfully served the church and have been actively involved in all aspects of ministry. NCPC Calgary family earnestly remembers their valuable contribution to this Church and sacrifices made in their life for building up this Church. Before joining hands with us, late Pastor Joshua was Centre Pastor of Church of God’s Kottarakara region and had twenty five years of ministerial experience, which benefitted the Church and its members spiritually.

Current Leadership
Pr. K P Samuel
Pastor K P Samuel
George Chacko
George Chacko
Vice President
Manoj Alackaparampil
Manoj Kurian
Biju George
Biju George
Treasurer & Permanent Board Member
Pr. Aju Varghese
Pastor Aju Varghese
Permanent Board Member